Trimline A170 Fascia Drip Trim 3m
Trimline A170 Fascia Drip Trim 3m

Trimline A170 Fascia Drip Trim 3m

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Trimline A 170 Fascia Drip Trim 3m /

These eaves strips must be mounted on the edges of the gutter to allow water to drain away, made of light gray fiberglass ready for painting:


Girth: 170mm

Depth: 65mm

  • About 1-2 mm thick
  • Easy to fix with clout nails
  • To be used in conjunction with a GRP edge strip
  • Compatible with C1 and C4 universal corners
  • Can be joined together by 50mm, then glued with PU glue, bandaged before applying topcoat

Note, please make sure the 2 × 1 stick is doubled and matching the fascia, bead with pu glue to bond the finish surface

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