Trimline A 200 Fascia Drip Trim 3m
Trimline A 200 Fascia Drip Trim 3m

Trimline A 200 Fascia Drip Trim 3m

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Trimline A 200Fascia Drip Trim 3m /

Circumference (visible part of the trim) - 200 mm.

Depth (mounting arm back to the roof) - 90mm.

These slats are attached to the edge of the roof, allowing water to drain into the gutter.

Compatible with corner C1

Assembly instructions:

Two support battens must be attached to the perimeter of the roof to provide space for the gutter to be placed behind the outer batten, with the outer batten attached 10mm lower than the inner batten so that the batten rests against the roof.

Apply strip glue to the 30 mm strip at 300 mm intervals, rub the strip into place and nail it to the board. Do not hammer nails into the front of the screed. If the roof pitch is only minimal, rainwater is likely to stop behind the trim. A planning machine can be used to remove 2mm from the deck so that the batten can lie flush with the board.

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