Brunox Rust Inverter & Epoxy
Brunox Rust Inverter & Epoxy

Brunox Rust Inverter & Epoxy

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Brunox Epoxy & Rust Neutralizer

BRUNOX EPOXY is the patented Anticorrosion-system on an epoxy-resin base. The amber-coloured, clear liquid forms a metal-organic iron complex with the neutralized rust.

Very compact and resistant protective layer, which is formed, guarantees long-term corrosion protection and is at the same time a perfect primer coat because of the epoxy-resin components.

It is most suitable for overhauling machines, plants, vehicles. Because of its high penetration into the rust pores and its perfect film formation (no brush traces) it guarantees a high level of effectiveness and further treatment.

Some of the advantages:

§  Approx. 7 – 10 deeper penetration into rust pores§ than ordinary rust converters and primer emulsions 

§  Leaves no brush marks

§  Goes well with most of the common top coat systems

§  Can be stored without any restrictions

§  Does not contain any heavy metals or mineral acid§


BRUNOX® epoxy® is used in garages, authorized garage, body shops, truck workshop, restoration of traditional classic cars. For the restoration of machines, steel girders, all kind of iron construction, gates, pipeline, construction machinery, etc.

Application Steps:


1) Sand/brush off loose rust.

2) Apply BRUNOX - Epoxy twice to the porous rust. (3-4x with Spray) No washing or sanding necessary afterward.

3) After it has fully dried, apply a coating system or a sealant.

Approx. Coverage 15m2/ L   in one coat.

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