Liquafix S Tarmac & Concrete Resurface
Liquafix S Tarmac & Concrete Resurface

Liquafix S Tarmac & Concrete Resurface

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Liquafix S
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Renew Your Driveway with Liquafix S

Liquafix S is a polymer modified bituminous coating material which has been developed especially for the protection of a variety of surfaces. The coating is ideal for the rejuvenation of old worn / stained tarmac surfaces.

Liquafix S restores the appearance and coats the surface leaving behind a renewed fresh uniform finish.

Liquafix S is also ideally suited for use as a protection to silage pit walls and floors, slurry tanks, metal sheeting and fittings.

Liquafix S is sold in 10 litre and 25 litre drums. It is also sold in 200 litre IBC’s.


  • Remove dirt and loose material buy brushing / power hosing to a clean finish.
  • Repair any surface defects
  • Apply Liquafix S by roller / squeegee
  • Allow to dry (4-6 hours – depending on conditions)

Usage Areas – Tarmac & Concrete Surfaces
Drying Times – Touch dry in 4-6 hours approximately
Dilution – Dilute with White Spirits, 5:1 Liquafix S : White Spirits (approx.)
Coverage – 4m2 per litre on a smooth surface, lower when surface is porous (Approximation)

Tarmac Surfaces Maintenance & Cleaning

Finally, simply cleaning your driveway will also ensure that it continues to look brand new. That being said, you must clean the tarmac in the correct approach, otherwise you can potentially damage the surface and base layer. For reference, the most suitable approach to clean your driveway is by simply sweeping off any debris, as well as applying water at low pressure. As mentioned above, using a powerful jet washer is never advised as it would be the equivalent to exaggerated wear&tear and can potentially cause additional damage by removing loose stone chippings

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