BUTYL Rubber Tape 80mm x 20m
BUTYL Rubber Tape 80mm x 20m

BUTYL Rubber Tape 80mm x 20m

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Butyl Tape
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Butyl Tex is a adhesive butyl rubber tape, applicable without heat.

It is composed of a butyl viscoelastic layer coated with a non-woven fabric.

This fabric allows a transversal deformation while allowing only a limited longitudinal deformation.

The adhesion side is protected by an easy to peel protective film. Suitable for joints between wet parts. The non-woven support allows the butyl material to adapt to the support shape and application of liquid waterproofing or self-leveling flooring products onto


On porous or non-cohesive supports, it is advisable to apply a Porosity Sealer prior to the Butyl Tex. A small quantity of diluted Impermax is also useful. Note: allow the first Impermax or sealer to cure and dry completely before applying Butyl Tex. Some solvents damage the butyl material.

Peel the protective film, place the tape on the support, avoiding air blisters. Press evenly with gentle pushing to ensure total adhesion.

If the tape has to continue from a pre-positioned section, overlap for 5 cm.

The product may be painted or coated, but the coating must be compatible with the butyl rubber of Butyl Tex. 

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