OWL Lava 20 Vertical 6kg
OWL Lava 20 Vertical 6kg

OWL Lava 20 Vertical 6kg

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Lava20 VERTICAL is our new product from the OWL  Lava20 Liquid Polyurethane System. It is essentially Lava20  with a higher viscosity,  specially designed for applications on Vertical surfaces.

Product Description

Lava 20 Vertical is a high quality cold-applied, elastic, and long-lasting Polyurethane membrane with semi-thixotropic properties.

Primer required prior to application - See Owl SuperQuickPrimer 

Main Uses

• Roof, terrace & balcony flashing

• Wet areas in balconies, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

• Walkways & automobile decks.

• Due to its low-viscosity, it is suitable for sloping surfaces.

• Epdm aquaphobic polyurethane resins were used in the for-mulation, giving it outstanding resistance to mechanical, chemical, thermal, and environmental factors.

• • Flawless membrane

• Static water-repellent

• Frost and high temperatures resistant (retains mechanical qualities between -30°C and +90°C)

• Bonds up to 3mm, even at -20°C,

• Enables surface breathability by allowing water vapor pene tration.

• Demonstrates exceptional weather and UV resistance.

• Old bitumen and asphalt felts are waterproofed by coating them, removalis not necessary before application.

• Improves thermal insulation by reflecting sunlight

• Resistant to domestic chemicals, saltwater, oils, and detergents

• Green roofs, flowerbeds, planter boxes

• Old bitumen felts, asphalt felts, TPO, PP, EPDM, and PVC mem-branes; and old acrylic coatings.

Even in the event of mechanical damage to the membrane, straightforward local repairs may be made in a matter of min-utes.

• Waterproofing slopped roofs, balconies and decks etc.


1.4 - 2.5 kg/m2 in two or three layers.

Its coverage is based on effective roller application onto a flat surface under ideal circumstances. Consumption can be affected by elements like as surface porosity, temperature, humidity, application technique, and finish necessary.

Consumption rises when fabric is reinforced.

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