LAVA 20 Tester Kit
LAVA 20 Tester Kit

LAVA 20 Tester Kit

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OWL LAVA 20 Waterproofing Tester Kit

OWL LAVA 20 is a single component polyurethane liquid waterproofing system. LAVA 20 cures to form a defect-free waterproof membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties. LAVA 20 can be used in new build projects or refurbishment projects for roofing, balconies, terraces, car parks, podium decks and more. It is UV color stable, can be applied in one or two coats, rain resistant within 30 minutes, hardwearing and durable, fast and easy to apply.

Waterproofing and protection of:

  • Roofing - pitched or flat.
  • Gypsum and cement boards.
  • Verandas and balconies
  • Lightweight roofing made of metal or fibrous cement.
  • Felt or asphalt membranes.
  • TPO & EPDM membranes.
  • Concrete, timber, slate, bitumen etc.
  • Podium decks.
  • Planting boxes.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for roofing, balconies, gutters, car parks, decks and more.
  • Seamless, Flexible and Durable.
  • Bubble and defect-free membrane.
  • Can be used on new builds and other roof substrates.
  • Reinforcement layers are generally not required.
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance - rain resistant within just 30 minutes.
  • Fast and easy to apply.
  • Excellent thermal resistance.
  • Cold resistance: LAVA 20 remains flexible down to -40°C.
  • Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile and tear strength, high abrasion and tear resistance.
  • CE and BBA certified.
  1. Lava 20 Application

    1. Make sure the surface is clean & dry and fill any gaps, holes , cracks with PU Mastic. 
    2. Apply  a thin layer of the SuperQuick Primer. (dry in approx. 20mins)
    3. Reinforce all joints, cracks or splits with tape and Lava 20 (Wet on Wet Application).
    4. Apply one or two coats over the entire area.( mix Lava20 for aprox4 mins before application)
    5. Job done!

Owl Waterproofing Kit can be used to waterproof new structures or used as a repair kit.

Recommended coating min 1.8kg/m2 - 2kg for non porous general applications:

Min 2.5kg for applications on Wood ( OSB, Ply)  Concrete, TPO,EPDM , TPO, PVC .

Please note Single Ply and shiny  finishes substrates would  require a Solvent Clean or light sanding prior to the application of the Primer then followed by the LAVA20 . 

3kg/m2 for Porous Concrete, Felt, Asphalt....

Tester  Kit Includes:

  • 500ml OWL Super Quick Prime
  • 1 x 1kg OWL LAVA 20
  • 1 m Polyester Tape
  • 1 x Disposable Paint Brush

For more in depth information in regards your project please do not hesitate to contact us!

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