Owatrol DSP 800 Multi purpose Stripper
Owatrol DSP 800 Multi purpose Stripper

Owatrol DSP 800 Multi purpose Stripper

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Owatrol DSP 800 Multi purpose Stripper

Owatrol DSP 800 is a powerful, ‘Dichloromethane’ free multi-purpose stripper, for the removal of all coating types – Alkyd, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Cellulose, RSE (semi-thick coating), RPE (thick plastic coating) and more. It is a very strong stripper that can even remove 2-Pack paints and powder coatings without damaging the substrate making it perfect for a wide range of  applications.

Fast acting and ready to use, DSP 800 works on all surfaces (except plastic), leaving a clean, coating free surface that can be refinished after just 6 hours. Containing no acid, caustic soda or potash, DSP800 will not darken wood and thus requires no neutralisation after use.

Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s DSP 800 Stripper

  • Removing car paint
  • Stripping interior and exterior wood surfaces
  • Getting rid of unwanted carpet glue
  • Stripping paint from stone and cement walls

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose and flaking paint and brush off any physical surface contamination e.g. moss, general dirt etc.

Application of Owatrol’s DSP 800 Multi-Purpose Stripper

First apply a uniform layer of DSP 800 to a small test area, according to the coating to be stripped (see information below). Allow to work. Periodically test with a scraper to see if the finish is softening. When the coating has softened, blistered or cracked and can easily be removed then the optimal working time has been established. If after 45 min there is no result, apply again and continue the test.

Application Directions

Apply a uniform layer of DSP 800 according to the coating to be stripped. Allow it to work in accordance with the test carried out above. Remove the stripper and coating with a scraper or scrubbing brush. On delicate wood use a soft brass brush. On interior wood use a scraper or soft brass brush.

Caution: If the coating being stripped is an acrylic do not allow DSP 800 to dry, as this makes scrubbing and removal of the coating difficult.

Note: DSP 800 is also recommended for use on old oiled or waxed wooden floors. The use of DSP 800 prevents clogging and unnecessary changing of the sanding sheets.

DSP 800 may also be used for ‘dry stripping’. Allow the mix of coating and DSP 800 to dry 2 to 3 hours before removing. Not recommended on wood.

Average working times and coating instructions

Alkyd (Glycerophtalic) /Oil based paint – apply a thick coat of DSP 800 and allow 5 minutes per coat

Alkyd (Glycerophtalic) /Oil based stain and varnish – apply a thin coat of DSP 800 and allow 7-10 minutes per coat

Acrylic paints, stains and varnishes – apply a thick coat of DSP 800 and allow 45 minutes (may need to be done twice)

Other coatings: 2pk epoxy, cellulose, RSE, RPE, Powder coatings, etc. – apply a thick coat of DSP and allow 7-45 minutes (according to your test)

The above are average working times only. The actual working time will be dictated by the condition and number of coats being removed. A test should be carried out to determine the actual contact time required to remove the coating(s).


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