Owl Lava 20 Dark Grey Top Coat 5L
Owl Lava 20 Dark Grey Top Coat 5L

Owl Lava 20 Dark Grey Top Coat 5L

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OWL Lava 20 Dark Grey Finish 5L

For excellent water resistance as well as an optimal optical effect, a topcoat is applied over the main Lava 20 waterproofing membrane for a decorative and durable finish.

Lava 20 Dark Grey finish is a Grey color, a one-component, non-yellowing, deeply penetrating, UV-stable lacquer with excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces. Provides full protection to Lava20 system from damages , chemical resistance, especially to salt water spray, ice dissolving salts and detergents. It also provides high abrasion resistance for pedestrians and car traffic,

Coverage 5L- Up to 20m2 in One Coat  

Simple steps for waterproofing and topcoat / anti-slip:

  • Apply Lava Primer
  • follow with OWL Lava 20
  • Apply a transparent  or  Dark Grey top coat (non-slip)
  • For anti-slip sprinkle with Quartz or Flake top coat while still wet
  • Remove any excess then seal with more topcoat.

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